Flood Insurance Claims

A person’s home is often the most prized possession, both emotionally and financially.

It is often the biggest purchase most people make, and hence it’s very important to ensure that you are protected from any unforeseen instance that can damage your prized possession. Getting home insurance is a good starting point to secure yourself from any damage to your home, from any unexpected events such as flood, vandalism or fire.

Due to the climate change there has been a recent wave of natural disasters such as flooding and hurricanes. Private and Business Property owners can suffer huge losses due to these floods. Most Canadians assume that their standard home insurance covers for these type of loses but most home insurance policies do not cover damage from flooding. The insurance companies refer to these as an uninsurable peril. As flood from melting snow is considered predictable.

Our experienced lawyers can help you navigate through these complexities of insurance laws and get you the maximum payout for your loss. Our firm has years of experience in dealing with insurance companies and we get you the compensation to cover your losses. Impact Law LLP can help initiate a claim on your behalf or can take over in situations where a claim has been denied by the insurance company.