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Dog Bite Injuries and Your Legal Rights

As lawyers we understand that when a person is bitten by a dog it’s a traumatic event.

Once bitten by a dog people may feel insure around dogs for years to come and suffer sever injuries, and you should speak to a lawyer about any dog bite.

Many people when bitten by a dog have immediate concerns about infections and any diseases that the dog many be carrying.

When you call Impact Law we can explain to you what your legal rights are for any bite from an animal. We can discuss your legal rights and help you seek compensation for your injuries. Our injury lawyers will discuss your case with you without at no charge or obligation.

As injury lawyers we help people who are victims of dog bites, we understand that people are physically and emotionally hurt when a dog attacks them.

Speaking with our Lawyers about a Dog Bite

As owners of dogs that have bitten someone the owner of the animal are financially and legally responsible for the actions of their pets.

The Dog Owners Liability Act holds owners accountable and held to the standard of a “Strict Liability” for a dog bite.

Normally a home owners insurance policy will cover them for liability and injury costs to another person or pet.

You may have suffered loses like time off work and medical bills.

Impact Law represents our clients for compensation and settlements for our clients where a dog bite has occurred.

We offer an opportunity to discuss your case with one of our personal injury lawyers at no obligation either over the phone, our office or a convenient place to you.

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Owner’s Responsibility for Dog Bites

Dog owners are legally responsible for their animals especially if they bite someone. When a person is bitten by a dog the police will come and investigate the incident.

The police will want to know;

  • Who was bitten and the circumstances around the incident
  • Who the dog involved is
  • Who is the owner of the dog
  • Has the dog had it’s necessary vaccinations
  • Does the dog have any history of biting people

While investigating the dog bite the police will make a written report, and may have the animal quarantined or held for observation.

If the police feel it’s warranted they may charge the owner of the dog under the Dog Owners Liability Act when someone has been bitten.

Once charged the police may be liable for;

  • A financial penalty
  • Conditions placed on the dog
  • An order may be made to have the dog destroyed as a vicious animal.

The court will want to ensure that a similar incident or dog bite against another person or animal does not happen again

Dog Bites – Dog Owners Liability Act

Under the Dog Owners Liability Act the owner(s) of a dog are responsible for the actions of that animal.

The owners of the dog are therefore liable when a dog bites a person or another animal.

The owner of the dog can be sued for;

  • All medical expenses
  • Lost income
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Any general damages
  • Economic Loses

What to Do After a Dog Bite Attack

When you have been bitten by a dog call get medical aid. Either go to the emergency department, a medical clinic or your family doctor.

Dog bites can have serious health ramifications and need to be treated seriously even if the bite appears minor.

If possible wash out the wound as soon as possible.

Call the Police When Bitten by Dogs

The police will come and investigate what happened.

The police will be able to provide you with the information you need regarding the dog and who the owners are.

Once you are physically and mentally stable call Impact Law to speak to a lawyer about your dog bite.

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