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Critical Injuries and Insurance Claims

As critical illness lawyers we represent people who have been denied or have had their illness benefits canceled by insurance companies.

When you apply for the illness insurance it is usually provided in the form a monthly payment or a lump sum payment (tax-free) to insured persons who suffer a critical illness, according to the terms of the policy they signed.

When you’re disabled your insurance company is suppose to honour the policy… we make sure they do.

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Critical Illness Insurance Disputes

Disability clients reviewing a Disability ClaimA critical illness is a very serious illness, injury or disability, as defined by your insurance policy, and typically includes illnesses that have a long term effect on your health.

The expenses associated with such illnesses can be debilitating and with the inability to work people’s finances can become stretched.

As personal injury lawyers we specialize in helping you deal with the insurance company.  We represent your claim, you work on getting better.

When you hire Impact Law we take over handing your case by;

  • We deal with the insurance company for you,
  • We ensure that your claim is properly prepared
  • We ensure that all medical evidence is provided for the claim
  • We attend and represent you at all hearings and mediations
  • We get you the highest settlements

Critical illness insurance benefits are very important for the financial health of you and your family; as such illnesses can entirely prevent the continuance of work.

The Insurance May Deny Your Claim

The insurance may deny your disability insurance claim.

When the insurance company denies your insurance claim it’s time to hire a law firm that specializes in long term disabilities.  Lawyers who can speak and argue on your behalf.

Having an expert in critical illness insurance allows you to seek the best available treatment, and pay for your ongoing expenses and have the funds available to do so.

Unlike disability insurance, the person who is critically injured may be able to collect benefits regardless of whether their injury is permanent or not.

Illnesses that are often covered by critical illness insurance include: Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, multiple sclerosis, blindness, Parkinson’s disease, coma, kidney failure, severe burns, paralysis and other serious afflictions.

What happens when the insurance company denies a claim?

Typically people become disabled and unable to work and then make an application for disability benefits.

The forms are filed out by the insured and then sent to the insurance company.  The insurance then reviews the claim to make sure that;

  • The application is complete,
  • The terms of the policy have been complied with e.g. waiting periods,
  • Any medical evidence has been submitted, and
  • Is there an opportunity for the insurance to deny the claim.

Upon receiving the application for insurance benefits the insurance company will be looking for issues in your application.

As the insurance is a for profit business if they can deny or reduce the amount paid out for your claim, they will look for reasons to do so.

Many people looking to represent themselves will find that the application process for a critical injury or disability becomes very frustrating as the insurance will be looking to dispute the claim where ever possible.

As skilled and experienced lawyers at can offer you representation at an affordable rate.

Our patience, skill, insight and experience can serve you moving forward when the insurance company denies a claim.

Insurance companies look to save money and reduce insurance claims given that critical illness insurance tend to require substantial payouts to the insurance company.

The critically ill insured person cannot easily help with the investigation precisely because of his or her condition, and you need legal help.

If you or a member of your family has become critically ill, you probably cannot afford to have your claim denied. If your insurance company denies your claim, you will need expert, empathetic advice and representation, call Disability Legal.

Critical illness claims are subject to time limits and deadlines.

It’s important that you retain a lawyer as soon as possible to avoid the expiration of any benefits, and to maximize your chances of success.

We get you the maximum critical illness benefits that you are entitled to.

We offer a no obligation consultation with one of our critical illness insurance lawyers who can explain the process and how we can help you.

The insurance agent came to me offering critical illness insurance.  The policy offered me a lump sum of 250,000 dollars if I was diagnosed with a critical illness like a stroke, cancer or a heart attack.  It wasn’t cheap but I believed this was important coverage for my family and I.

I suffered a heart attack and was off for a while but returned in a limited position about 8 months afterwards, the heart attack changed my life and how I was able to work.  I made a claim on the policy but it came back denied.  I went and spoke to Impact Law and they explained to me why the insurance company had denied my claim, why they were wrong and how they could help me.

Impact Law sued for the unpaid illness benefits and won the case.  I know without having a lawyer representing me I never would have gotten the settlement I did.  David R. Toronto ON.

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Disability and long term disability claims are subject to time limits and deadlines.

You may be unsure of how to proceed. The insurance company may have denied your disability insurance claim.  Call our office(s) to speak to a disability lawyer today.

There is no charge to speak to one of our highly experienced lawyers and we can give you immediate advice on the best possible way to help you.

It is important that you retain a lawyer as soon as possible to avoid the expiration of any benefits, and to maximize your chances of success.

As the insurance companies have specialized personnel to deal with disability insurance claims, you likewise need an expert on your side.

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As personal injury lawyers we specialize in long term disabilities and injury claims.

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Richard B
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Very professional and helpful law firm. A pleasure to deal with their lawyers and office staff. Vik was very helpful and is an excellent lawyer as is Rishi. Thank you for your assistance and services..
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I just want to say thank you to the impact law team. I called around to a few different places but after speaking with Mr.Kohli I highly recommend him for anyone who is looking for someone who is very attentive to your needs. Both himself and the staff at Impact Law are professional and friendly. Highly recommended !!!
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My experience with Impact law has been amazing . They took the time to really understand my wife's concerns and how she felt. The team is caring and providing answers to all of our questions .If you are looking for professional service and a team that cares about their clients , I would highly recommend Impact Law.
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I had an amazing experience with Impact Law LLP. They helped immensely in every stage of my claim. And not to mention I've never even heard of a case being open and shut as fast as they did it for me! Two thumbs up with the 5 stars!!!!!!
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I had an amazing experience with Vik and the Impact Law team. They walk me through and keep me up to speed in every stage of my claim. Big things ahead for this great team!
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