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Disability Lawyers to Help You

As disability insurance lawyers we understand that people buy insurance hoping never to use it.

Having suffered a disability and unable to work, many people learn the insurance company may put up barriers, make demands and delay paying your benefits.

When you have a problem call the disability insurance lawyers who know the “system” for disability claims.

Our disability lawyers have years of experience and we can help you.

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What does a Disability Lawyer Do?

As lawyers we help people to get their disability payments or settlements from insurance companies.
Disability Lawyers | clients reviewing a Disability Claim

When it comes to dealing with disability cases we:

  • Give you expert legal advice,
  • Complete and prepare any applications or forms.
  • Provide the medical experts reports that clearly and thoroughly explain the physical disability.
  • Represent you in any mediation or court hearings.
  • Get the highest possible settlements for you.

When you’ve paid for disability insurance you’re entitled to be fully and fairly compensated. Our goal is to make sure that you do!

Call or visit our offices to discuss your claim with one of our disability lawyers and find out how we can help you.

Disability Lawyers and Your Insurance Company

Where the disabled insured has a long term disability, the insurance company may seek to deny or reduce the benefits.

The dollar amount of a long term disability can be determined by the value of the employees’ income as well as the type of disability insurance that was initially purchased.

The insurance may also seek to refer the benefits available under the Canada Pension Plain Disability Benefit.

As your lawyer with a disability insurance claim our job is to ensure that you are fairly represented, all the medical evidence is properly presented, and you receive the maximum benefit and/or cash settlement.

Disability Insurance Settlements

In a majority of long-term disability claims, a settlement is negotiated between your lawyer and the insurance company.

In these cases, the policy holder, disability lawyer and the insurance company review the case and and come to a settlement.

In such negotiations, without a lawyer representing the disability claim, the insured is likely to receive less than what they are entitled to.  The insurance company will be looking to “pay out” the minimum amount possible.

Having a disability lawyer to representing your interests can make a big difference. The disability lawyer ensures that the insured person’s claim runs smoothly, their rights are protected, and that the insured receives the highest settlement.

With many years of experience as disability lawyers, we know the type of settlement you should be receiving, not necessarily what the insurance company initially offers you.

Working on your insurance claim our lawyers;

  • Deal with all the red tape;
  • Guide you through your disability insurance policy;
  • Simplify the process of making your claim in a way that is that’s most advantageous to you;
  • Seek to minimize the stress of processing your claim and dealing with the insurance company, and
  • Word hard to get the highest settlement for you.

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Call a Disability Lawyer Now

Disability and long term disability claims are subject to time limits and deadlines.

You may be unsure of how to proceed when the insurance company may have denied your disability insurance claim.  Call our office(s) to speak to a disability lawyer today.

There is no charge to speak to one of our experienced lawyers and we can give you immediate advice on your claim.

It is important that you retain a lawyer as soon as possible to avoid the expiration of any benefits, and to maximize your chances of success.

As the insurance companies have specialized personnel to deal with disability claims, you likewise need an expert on your side.

Our experienced disability lawyers help you with your disability and long term disability claims.

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Impact Law is a full service disability lawyer specializing in long term disability and injury claims.

We offer a free consultation to discuss your case with one of our lawyers at no obligation over the phone, at our offices, or a location convenient to you.

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Richard B
20:29 22 Jun 17
Very professional and helpful law firm. A pleasure to deal with their lawyers and office staff. Vik was very helpful and is an excellent lawyer as is Rishi. Thank you for your assistance and services..
Janani Athithan
03:17 10 Apr 17
I just want to say thank you to the impact law team. I called around to a few different places but after speaking with Mr.Kohli I highly recommend him for anyone who is looking for someone who is very attentive to your needs. Both himself and the staff at Impact Law are professional and friendly. Highly recommended !!!
Ashish Sharma
14:03 24 Mar 17
My experience with Impact law has been amazing . They took the time to really understand my wife's concerns and how she felt. The team is caring and providing answers to all of our questions .If you are looking for professional service and a team that cares about their clients , I would highly recommend Impact Law.
Kyle Brown
14:27 24 Mar 17
I had an amazing experience with Impact Law LLP. They helped immensely in every stage of my claim. And not to mention I've never even heard of a case being open and shut as fast as they did it for me! Two thumbs up with the 5 stars!!!!!!
Matthew Scott
15:00 27 Mar 17
I had an amazing experience with Vik and the Impact Law team. They walk me through and keep me up to speed in every stage of my claim. Big things ahead for this great team!
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