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Personal Injury Law

As motor vehicle accident lawyers we deal with injuries, from motor vehicle accidents helping people get the support they need to get back on their feet.

Other firms deal in volume of clients, we focus of quality results with the highest settlements.

We have recovered millions of dollars for our clients and we can help you. READ MORE >

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Long Term Disability Claims

As disability insurance lawyers we deal exclusively with disability insurance claims, primarily against insurance companies.

Just because you have been injured or disabled your insurance company maybe unwilling to pay your claim and provide the disability benefits that you believe you have. READ MORE >

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Slip and Fall Accidents

Owners of private property and government have a legal responsibility to ensure that when the public is on their property that they are reasonably safe and are not going to be injured as a result of the negligence.

This means that property owners must take reasonable steps to ensure they have avoided slip and fall accidents. READ MORE >

We are Experienced and Deal all Aspects of
Personal Injury and Disabilty Law in Ontario

Injury Lawyer Reviews

Case Results

  • July 2015 Personal Injury Accident
    - Settlement 1.2 million dollars
  • May 2015 Disabilty Claim
    - Settlement 3.4 million dollars
  • June 2015 Slip and Fall Accident
    - Settlement 19,000 dollars

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