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Legal Help when you're in a Truck Accident

When your injured as a result of a truck accident the results can be devastating.

As professional drivers, commercial drivers of large trucks have an added responsibility to drive safely on the roadways.

With the weight and size of a large transport trucks, accidents can often be serious with personal injury and even death.

Many people never feel safe again driving on highways and around large vehicles as the result of being hurt in a truck accident.

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Trucks have Additional Responsibilties on the Road

Trucks and commercial vehicles have an added set of rules and regulations that they and the companies that own them are required to follow. The rules and regulations under the Highway Traffic Act are to ensure the roads are safe and to avoid injury accidents.

Commercial motor vehicles have CVOR's (Commercial Vehicle Operator's Registration) that limits speed, weights of vehicles, safety checks, and hours that a driver may operate the vehicle.

Many times driver fatigue is the cause of the accident, the driver has been operating the vehicle too long and became a "sleepy driver" and either fell asleep at the wheel or wasn't paying proper attention.

In commercial vehicle or truck accidents, the liability for the accident and any personal injury not only falls on the driver but the company as well.

The company has a legal responsibility to ensure that it's drivers are properly trained, check the vehicles for safety issues, and are operated properly on the highways.

Who is Responsible in a Truck Accident

When our lawyers investigate your personal injury, one of the questions we will answer on your behalf is, who is responsible for the accident?

Many times there are numerous responsible parties including;

  • The Driver of the Vehicle
  • The Trucking Company
  • The manufacture of the vehicle or equipment on the truck
  • Government Agencies

As Injury Lawyers we Understand the Law

Successfully representing you in an accident injury case requires an understanding of trucking regulations, and as lawyers dealing in motor vehicle injuries we understand the law and how to help you.

As injury lawyers we deal understand the law in regards to trucking and commercial motor vehicles.

Just because you have been injured insurance company maybe unwilling cooperate with you.

Insurance companies although being federally regulated are private business and have a vested interest to themselves and their shareholders to pay out the least amount in disability benefits as possible.

Your disability claim may appear straight forward, but your insurance company may seek to deny or reduce your benefits.

When your involved in an accident the insurance company will want to contact you, take statements, ask you to sign documents and even may offer you settlements shortly after your hurt.

You may still be sitting in a hospital bed when the insurance company contacts you.

Before you settle anything with an insurance company call Impact Law Injury Lawyers to get legal advice from lawyers who specialize in accident injuries and compensation.

Our lawyers understand the law and legal system for you to receive your maximum benefits. We can even come to you to give you legal advice.

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