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Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Bicycle Accidents - Bicycle Accident Injuries

Bicycles use and bicycle accidents have increased dramatically in Toronto and throughout Ontario.

As injury lawyers we help cyclists who have been injured in a bicycle accident.

Under the Highway Traffic Act of Ontario a bicycle is considered a "vehicle" and is entitled to fair use of the road with cars and trucks (motor vehicles).

All vehicles and motor vehicles on the roadway are obligated by law to yield or give the bicycles and cyclists space on the road.

What's alarming, as bicycle injury lawyers is that increasing cyclists are involved in accidents, where the cyclist is being seriously injured as a result of a careless motorists.

Motorists have a responsibility to "Share the Road".

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Injury Lawyers for Bicycle Accidents

As injury lawyers we understand that when your riding your bicycle you do not have the level of protection that someone in a car may have.

On a bicycle there are no seatbelts, airbags, or metal around you to protect you from injury.

Not only has a bicycle less protection in an accident but many motorists do not realize that you have a lawful right to use the roadway safely.

Most cyclists are unable to do simple things like see approaching motor vehicle traffic coming from behind, or move quickly out of the way to protect themselves from an accident.

As such the chance of bicycle being hurt in an accident is high and bicycle injuries can be serious or result in death.

Legal Help for Bicycle Accidents in Toronto

When you or a loved one has been injured or seriously hurt in a bicycle accident, you need to speak to a lawyer with experience in bicycle accidents to find out what your options and rights are.

Many times cyclists are the ones injured and who suffer in a bicycle accident and may require being in a hospital for an extended period of time.

As many personal injury claims can have time limits attached to them it's important that if the cyclist is unable to speak or visit a lawyer, that either a family member or friend reach out and give us a call.

As lawyers we understand that bicycle accidents can dramatically differ in seriousness and that family members maybe the first person to reach out to us for advice.

At Impact Law we can discuss the accident over the phone and if necessary come and see the cyclist and/or family at the hospital or place convenient to you.

We can explain to you what your rights are in a bicycle accident, what compensation your entitled to when your injured, and how we can go about suing the other driver if required.

Accident Benefits for Bicycle Accidents

As with other types of accidents when a bicycle is involved in an accident with a motor vehicle the cyclist is eligible to receive accident benefits.

Accident Benefits are provided to cyclists regardless if they are at fault in the bicycle accident or not.

The accident benefits available in bicycle accidents are there to help the cyclist get better after the accident and to assist them, with things like income replacement, care giver benefits and assistance with any expenses from the accident.

We offer a no charge opportunity to discuss your case with one of our bicycle accident injury lawyers at no obligation either over the phone, our office or a convenient place to you.

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Suing the Other Driver in a Bicycle Accident

When your involved in an accident on a bicycle many times the injuries maybe serious or debilitating.

If you are seriously hurt as a result of the accident you may have long term injuries that may take years to heal.

As lawyers we understand that you may need additional help for your injuries and we can file a claim against the other driver or any persons that have a share of the responsibility in the accident.

Suing a driver in a bicycle accident is called filing a "Tort Claim" and we have years of experience and have recovered millions of dollars in compensation for our clients.

Call us at Impact Law to discuss your accident and we can explain what your illegible for in accident benefits and how we can file a Tort claim on your behalf.

Cautions to Bicyclists in Accidents

When your involved in an bicycle accident the insurance company may want to contact you, take statements, ask you to sign documents and even may offer you settlements shortly after your hurt.

You may still be sitting in a hospital bed when the insurance company contacts you.

Before you settle anything with an insurance company call Impact Law Injury Lawyers to get legal advice from lawyers who specialize in bicycle accidents.

Our lawyers understand the law and legal system for you to receive your maximum benefits. We can even come to you to give you legal advice.

We offer a no charge opportunity to discuss your case with one of our injury lawyers at no obligation either in person, our office, a convenient place to you or over the phone.

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