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Disability and Mediations Hearings

Other law firms may wonder how Impact Law gets the high settlements in mediations for disability hearings

It's our expertise and determination to properly represent our clients and work in their interests not ours that makes us different in disablity claims.

What is a Mediation Hearing

A mediation hearing is a meeting prior to a court date or court hearing for both parties, the disability lawyer and the insurance representative to set down and discuss the issues about your disability claim.

The parties get to say there side of the claim, bring forth any issues and to see if there is a settlement available.

The insurance company has a opportunity to "size up" the claim and the strength and weakness of your disability and the lawyer representing you.

As lawyers specializing in long term disabilities Impact Law shines in these hearings and insurance companies know through experience that the lawyers from Impact Law are fighters who understand their trade and win cases at trial.

Many times seeing that the client is represented by Impact Law has pushed the settlement in your clients favour with settlements far in excess of what our client initially expected.

Getting our Clients the Highest Insurance Settlements

At Impact Law we get you the maximum disability benefits that you are entitled to.

We offer a no obligation consultation with one of our disablitity lawyers who can explain the process and how we can help you.

You are welcome to come to our office or we can meet you at your home or a location convient to you.

Call Impact law, you long term disablity Lawyers at 905.597.4878 or toll free 1-877-576-5772 24 Hours.

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