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Long Term Disability Benefits Denied

When your long term disability benefits are denied its a upsetting and frustrating situation.

You may have tried dealing with the insurance company yourself but now you need a lawyers help

Impact law specializes in long term disability claims and dealing with insurance companies. We know how to help you.

Many employers offer benefit plans that provide compensation for employees' disabilities, but very little assistance about how to file a long term disability claim.

Dealing with an insurance company for a long term disability claim, and proving that your disability claim is legitimate, can be challenging.

In Canada, there maybe a waiting period of between thirty and ninety days (30-90) days before the insurance company is required to pay you benefits for your disability plans.

The actual days before you receive payment depends upon the policy that your have.

Getting the Insurance to Pay Your Long Term Benefits

Sometimes convincing the insurance company to actually pay the long-term disability benefits, in accordance with their own policies maybe come a fight.

Insurance companies have vested interest in refusing, delaying or reducing the amount they pay out in disability payments.

Long term disabilities are expensive for insurance companies as the amount they may have to pay out can last for years.

Your insurance company may seek to short change or reduce the amount of the disability payments but selectively interpreting the language and scope of the contract.

As well many long term disability insurance policies are written in legal terms that may require interpretation by a lawyer on your side.

If you are seeking payments or are dealing with an insurance company regarding your long term disability insurance and have become frustrated or the insurance is denying you, give Impact Law a call at 905-597-4878 or visit our office to discuss your case without obligation with a lawyer who specializes in disability claims.

What Qualifies as a Long Term Disability

Being disabled or "totally disabled" can mean different things in different insurance policies.

Acting reasonably being disabled in relationship to your work, and a disability insurance claim means that you are reasonably unable to work at the job you were doing prior to the injury.

The insurance company may argue that although you are unable to do the work you were doing, but you are able to do some other form of work.

The insurance therefore may seek to lessen your disability benefits saying that you can work doing another job, or can take training to do something different to earn an income.

Meaning that a total disability does not mean an absolute physical inability to do any sort of work to provide an income.

Being Denied Disability Benefits

If you have been denied long term disability insurance benefits usually what happens is the insurance company will send you a letter saying your benefits have been denied and providing you with a brief explanation why.

The first step is to read over the letter and examine the reason for the termination of benefits.

The reasons for denial of benefits maybe a missing information or a document not submitted by your doctor.

If its a missing document, you should contact the insurance representative explain any reason for the missing information and advise them that you will be taking immediate steps to rectify the situation and provide them with the information they are requesting.

We suggest that you may want to keep a diary of you disability claim, copies of documents, medical examinations and who and what conversations you have had should the relationship deteriorate for the claim and you have to seek legal assistance.

About Your Disability Claim with our Lawyers

As disability insurance lawyers we deal exclusively with disability insurance claims, primarily against insurance companies.

Just because you have been injured or disabled your insurance company maybe unwilling to pay your claim and provide the disability benefits that you believe you have.

Insurance companies although being federally regulated are private business and have a vested interest to themselves and their shareholders to pay out the least amount in disability benefits as possible.

Your disability claim may appear straight forward, but your insurance company may seek to deny or reduce your benefits.

At Impact Law we get you the maximum disability benefits that you are entitled to.

We offer a no obligation consultation with one of our Disablitity lawyers who can explain the process and how we can help you.

You are welcome to come to our office or we can meet you at your home or a location convenient to you.

Call Impact law, your long term disability Lawyers at 905.597.4878 or toll free 1-877-576-5772 24 Hours.

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