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Long Term Insurance Denials

Your disability insurance policy maybe through your place of employment, or you may hold an insurance policy through a private insurance company.

When you're disabled your insurance company is suppose to honor the policy... At Impact Law we make sure they do.

About Your Disability Claim with our Lawyers

As disability insurance lawyers we deal exclusively with disability insurance claims, primarily against insurance companies.

Just because you have been injured or disabled your insurance company maybe unwilling to pay your claim and provide the disability benefits that you believe you have.

Insurance companies although being federally regulated are private business and have a vested interest to themselves and their shareholders to pay out the least amount in disability benefits as possible.

Your disability claim may appear straight forward, but your insurance company may seek to deny or reduce your benefits.

Denial of Disability Insurance Benefits

Denial of disability insurance benefits can have a severe impact on your life.

Many times unrepresented persons had tried to represent themselves to their insurance company believing that the entitlement to benefits is straight forward and the use of a lawyer is not necessary.

What many people find out is that the insurance company may not want to pay out, or will seek to reduce the amount of money that they give you.

Our disability insurance lawyers help clients to get the disability benefits they are rightly entitled to.

As lawyers understand the law and legal system and we know how to speak to insurance companies. We can help you get through the forms and requirements that the insurance company may require to complete.

At Impact Law we get you the maximum disability benefits that you are entitled to.

We offer a no obligation consultation with one of our Disablitity lawyers who can explain the process and how we can help you.

You are welcome to come to our office or we can meet you at your home or a location convenient to you.

Call Impact law, your long term disability Lawyers at 905.597.4878 or toll free 1-877-576-5772 24 Hours.

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