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There are many personal injury lawyers, but for your accident or disability claim you want the lawyer with a track record of high settlements.

Disability Claims

We have years of experience in dealing with insurance companies who fail to provide appropriate insurance benefits for disability claims.

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Accident Injuries

As motor vehicle and accident injury lawyers we deal with injuries. We help people get the financial support they need to get back on their feet after an accident.

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Accident Benefits

When your hurt in an accident, drivers and passengers are entitled to accident benefits to help you pay for medical expenses while a claim is being settled.

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Personal Injury Lawyers

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Long Term Disability Lawyer KKohli

Kunwar Kohli

Kunwar Kohli is a Partner at Impact Law LLP and specializes in Personal Injuries, Disability Claims and Motor Vehicle Injuries.

Long Term Disability Lawyer Clifford Singh

Clifford Singh

Clifford Singh is a Partner at Impact Law LLP and specializes in Injury Law, Disability Insurance Claims and Motor Vehicle Injuries.

Toronto Criminal Lawyer Sanjay Roy

Sanjay Roy

Sanjay Roy has a diverse litigation practice, which includes criminal and quasi-criminal defense matters, and specializes in Criminal Law.

Long Term Disability Lawyer Vik Bhandari

Vik Bhandari

Vik Bhandari is a Injury Lawyer at Impact Law LLP and specializes in Injury Law, critical illness insurance  and Motor Vehicle Injuries.

What our Clients Say

Personal Injury Law – Legal Assistance for Injuries and Disabilities

As personal injury & long term disability insurance lawyers we gave years of experience winning personal injury accidents and long term disability claims. We know how to speak to the insurance companies and we can help you.

Our injury lawyers understand and care about our clients rights and the help and compensation they need in and out of the courtroom.

We understand the suffering experienced when you have a disability and unable to work. As victims or when your suffering Impact Law is known as compassionate injury lawyers who fight aggressively and ethically for their clients.